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Work out your own salvation.
Do not depend on others.

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Strange thing:
It just felt like I couldn’t get in motion today. Like I was walking through a fog; but I still got the newest episode of All About You: Personality uploaded and the next one is shot and processing:

And I got my Law of Attraction ‘Master Class’ article written and posted! 
Everything I could think to write about the Law of Attraction: 
How to use the law, how not to, and how to make it work FAST! 

Remember when I mentioned that I was interested in looking for an Agent yesterday? Well today I already got the contact info for someone to talk to who can hopefully either represent me, or at least point me in the right direction; amazing how quickly that project is coming together!
Now I need to cobble together that book proposal so I have something to show!

Thanks to everyone who sent me their info, and if you haven’t there is still time! http://ping.fm/HDjiT

Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it but I am actively searching for TV and radio hosting jobs; sending out resumes, head shots, and links to my videos so fingers crossed!

So I am plotting to take over the world from like 5 different angles, I figure one of them has to stick. Don’t worry, once I have it all, I’ll give you whatever you want. =)

B. Dave Walters

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For my Christian brothers and sisters (and anyone else who cares to listen!):

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My Law of Attraction ‘Master Class’ article is up!
How to use the law, how not to, and how to make it work FAST!

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If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.

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Ok, so I don’t really know why I wanted to call today’s entry ‘quantum entanglement’; I just like the words. In case you don’t know, QE is basically why the Law of Attraction works; particles can affect each other at long distances even though there is no obvious connection between them.

See that? Quantum Physics 101 at 2:02 AM!

If you haven’t noticed, I feel a bit silly tonight, but I am blaming it on the Full Moon; I’ll be cool again tomorrow (I hope).

I got a new article written and posted; all about how to love yourself, why it’s important, and what will happen if you don’t: http://su.pr/726uK5

I also shot the next episode of All About You. Episode 29: Personality.
It’s uploading as we speak so you’ll probably be able to see it by the time you read this.

The article collection is coming along nicely, but a conversation with my friend (And new Los Angeles Eclectic Spirituality Examiner) Peggy Wheeler changed my writing goals.

I was thinking about going straight to Publishers (with self-publishing as my back up plan) but I think once the book proposal is done I am going to search for an Agent instead. In the past I was kinda anti-publishing industry, but that was all ego talking. Basically I didn’t want to told my work wasn’t good enough, but now I know my work is GREAT! The fact is some people are looking for some things at some times…and not others. Keep at it, and results will manifest.

So…if you haven’t given me your birth date / time / location and personality type yet…please do!

B. Dave Walters

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My new article on how to use your emotions and love yourself is now UP!
Emotions, Or, You’re Great and I love you:

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