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I posted this up on my Facebook profile:
Ok, so for those of you who want to know what I am REALLY like inside:
This is the motion version of my favorite chapter of my favorite (comic) book of all time: WATCHMEN
This is the story of my favorite character Dr. Manhattan (who’s up on my vision board) talking about his life; the story bounces around since he can see his own future and past simultaneously.
I literally watch this dvd every single night before bed; Best story *ever*.
(Might be weird seeing chapter 4 before 1-3 though, LOL O=)
*UNFORTUNATELY * it is only visible in the United States =(

You can google search Watchmen motion comic chapter 4 and maybe you can find it in your country. Or rent it, or read it; it’s GREAT.

Anyway I had a good day; got some writing done (see links below) had some GREAT questions come in to http://ping.fm/82uoS and I also got my Facebook custom URL setup for my fan page http://www.facebook.com/bdavewalters which is a little easier to share with people.

I want your opinion on something; if you read this far, I care what you think!
I am toying around with doing a live show once a week, either online video through ustream or a online radio show through blog talk radio.
My questions are:
1.Should I do a live show at all, or are you already getting plenty of me.
2.What should be my topic? I’d like to do deeper level spiritual /religious stuff then I get to do now
3.When should I do it? I have people all over the world, so no time will work for EVERYONE, but what time (PST) is probably best?
Let me know!

B. Dave Walters
*National* Spirituality Column:
Relationships Column:http://su.pr/31ml0X

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Q&A: She’s in love with a narcissist, but his lies and abuse are too much; can she help him? Shoud she even try?

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Q&A Article: Is it ok to have sex with someone you don’t love?

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My new article on how not to let things bother you, how to get over negative people, and how to make every day GRAND!

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The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.
-Carl Jung

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So I was weird and tense all day today; I only did one article (after deciding at 1:30 am to skip the next one =)

After having strange conflicts with friends, and talking people through knock down, drag-out brawls with their significant others, I looked up what was going on with the planets.


Basically means everyone is going to be crazy, tense, and mean for 2 more days; but now that I know what is going on, I can tap into and use it to my advantage; like hooking up a turbo booster.

Funny thing though, Lexi is a Scorpio, so she was in a great mood all day; cuddly and loving, while everyone else was going out of their minds, hehehe.

So a high energy and bumpy day, but still a good one.
By the way, I posted a new video today on how to make EVERY day good!

B. Dave Walters
*National* Spirituality Column:
Relationships Column:http://su.pr/31ml0X

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Q&A Article on how to get started dating a widow/er; can you compete?
Is it work the trouble?

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